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RE: [IP] Stress test

 Yes, she was on her own property. That just means she wasn't tresspassing (and
he was)! It would be
fine if the sound stayed on her property.

 10 PM is generally regarded as a time when people are likely to be sleeping,
and making loud noises
constitutes disturbing the peace -- a misdemeanor (probably a small fine).

But that's just a side issue. 

 I don't know of any place in the USA where firing a weapon into the air would
be legal, especially
 in a threatening way, but we have a lot of variation in laws here. San
Francisco is talking about a
 complete ban on handguns. Other places have tried to *require* everyone to have
a gun!

 Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of people who think of firing a gun into
the air as being "no
 big deal". Too much TV! My wife's workplace was recently hit by a stray bullet
from a *police firing
range* a mile away, with a huge hill in between!

 I haven't touched a gun in over 30 years, but I was always taught to think
carefully about where
 that bullet was going to end up. And never to point a gun at anyone -- even

 As to his wife -- if I were his wife, I'd decide he's a dangerous lunatic, and
go somewhere safe!

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 Around here the firecrackers would have been let off at midnight. Bob she was
on her own property.
10 pm is not that late.

  Do you think his wife said "what a good boy he was for shooting into the air,"
I sure would not
be happy if he was mine. 
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