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Re: [IP] Stress test

I am coming in on this late.
Here is my take on things. Please be aware that in Canada this guy would be
in jail immediately.
Our laws are very strict on gun control, please don't ask where I stand on
the gun control laws unless you do it privately off the list.
Please be aware I take this from a Canadian perspective.
Around here the firecrackers would have been let off at midnight.
Bob she was on her own property.  10 pm is not that late.
Do you think his wife said  "what a good boy he was for shooting into the
air,"  I sure would not be happy if he was mine.  What freakin' overkill.
I know I sure the heck was scared beyond belief when I lived on the Army
bases and some idiot decided one night at 2 am to take an FN. out and shoot
it off in the residential zone.
The jerk took it across the road to the school yard to do it.
The response where I lived.  I went to bed that night with police cars
surrounding the house, we lived in a 6 plex.  I woke up with the police cars
still there and as we went to leave many police officers entering my
neighbours house with search warrants.
jimb I would in no way check around to see what kind of man this stooge is.
I must interject here I was raised around guns all my life. My grandfather
was a gunsmith and had one of only 10 remaining Thompson submachine guns to
in existence at that time. He service all the pistols for the OPP in our
district. In 1970 his shop was broken into and up until recently the police
were still bringing guns back to my gramma that were found in Cental
CALL the POLICE and report him.
I am sure even in the USA with its much more liberal firearm law what is
idiot did is not legal.
Janice get a hold of the local police If they don't listen to you go above
their heads.  do what ever you have to do to stop his assinine behavior.
My finally thought on this is excuse me letting a firecracker off is quote
wrong but firing a gun is already.
Get a life I bet more guns have killed people than firecracker
I will say I don't agree with the Canadian law.  I am not anti gun and am
anti gun in an idiots hands.
I sure am glad though that my neighbours do not have guns if I tick them
Cyndy Mom to 4
Ben 9 dxed June of 02
email @ redacted

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Subject: [IP] Stress test

> I think I have the worst test ever!!!!! On New Years eve, my daughter  and
> were doing some fireworks in our driveway I am  talking about
> Our next door neighbor is pregnant. I saw her in her garage. She  got in
>  truck and pulled the truck partway in our driveway. She asked if we were
> to do fireworks all F--------night! I answered no we were not going  to do
> fireworks all f_________night. She drove off! About then her husband came
> walking up the road and he asked what his wife said so I told him. I
>  telling him I was sorry for doing the fireworks. My daughter and I were
> doing the fireworks any way He went crazy! He told me to get the f--- off
>  land.I started to back up even though I was on my land. About then he
> out
>  a gun and pointed it at me then pointed if in the air and shot 11 times.
> way  since then my blood sugars have really been messed up from the stress
>  test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alot more has happened since then. By the
way we
> were shooting the fireworks at 10pm. He isn't arrested yet because he is a
> part  time sherrif deputy. He was a full time deputy. I imagine he will
get by
> with  it. The police told us he has to say that I am going to kill you
> they can  do an immediate arrest. Every time I see him my blood sugars go
> high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We own six acres of land too.
>                        I hope no one else has to have this worst
> stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I have had chest  pain too from this but it is
>                                   Every one take care! I will try to. This
> story is alot longer but I have ramble  along enough. I know the ones on
>  group will understand about the blood sugars getting out of control from
> .
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