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Re: [IP] Pump color

When I got my first pump I chose clear so that it would always match my 
clothes.  The MM rep also said it would also be easier to hide in my bra if 
I were wearing a white blouse.  As it turns out, it doesn't matter if it 
matches or not since it's always hidden under my clothes, usually in the fob 
pocket of my jeans where it's very comfortable and out of the way.  I never 
wear it clipped to my waist-band, since I don't wear tuck-in shirts and it 
then jabs me in the ribs when I sit.  Next time around, if I go with MM, I 
think I'll get purple.  But what I want to know is, why don't they make ruby 
red?  To me, that would be cool.

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, Pumping 8/02, Clear Paradigm 511

> Clear is COOL - actually most of the MM pumps in the x12/x15 series are a 
> bit see through. Cool is a personal thing - I have ALWAYS thought only 
> boring business types and other stuffed shirts ( and blouses ) get a black 
> or grey pump !
> I have a purple pump I named - with the help of a list member - PO :-)
> Robert B 
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