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Re: [IP] infusion sets

>in your opinion, what is the best infusion set
>available in the market? are the any difference
>between them? any difference in change frequency
>(every 48 or 72 hours)? Any suggestion?

There is no one best; it's what works for YOU.  Lots of people swear 
by silhouettes.  For me they have a 50% failure rate (uncontrolled 
blood sugar) in less than 48 hours.  But I've never had a QuickSet 
classic do this, and last week was the first time in 10 months of use 
I ever had one fail to insert properly--and that may be because my 
pump fell off the counter and jerked at the site right after I put it 
in.  I've had no problem with leaving them in 72 hours.  Other people 
have exactly the opposite experience.  John Walsh claims tunneling is 
more likely with the 90 degree sets; I've never had it with the 90 
degree ones but had it a LOT with the angle sets.  The companies make 
a variety of sets because your own metabolism, thickness of 
subcutaneous fat, and insertion technique will affect how a 
particular set works for you.  Try out several of each kind if you're 
not happy with what they send you.  You may even find that different 
infusion sets work best on different parts of your body.
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