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Re: [IP] missing pump (long)

 A long time friend of mine's son had his stolen from a locked locker at a
waterpark a few years back. I have never had mine covered for theft or loss,
because for my pocketbook it costs too much, but that is not to say that your
homeowner's insurance might be reasonable. I make it a habit of calling my my
insurance representative about once a year, hoping that they would lower the
price of the premium.

 I never take my pump off in a public place. Even when I was using a MiniMed
pump that needed to be protected from the water, I used the Sports Guard and put
the pump in a fanny pack. I have even gone down tubeless water flumes and have
never hurt the pump. Good luck with finding your pump!

Cee Dee

> From: Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted>
> Date: 2005/01/26 Wed AM 05:59:23 GMT
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] missing pump (long)
> Well, it finally happened. Jenny has been playing soccer for all of the 
> six years that she has her pump. She boluses ahead, disconnects, leaves 
> it in her sports bag, and plays. Today, at her high school varsity 
> soccer game, her pump disappeared. She didn't notice until we were 
> almost home. We turned around and searched the field. Everyone else was 
> gone, but the field lights were still on, so we searched the field by 
> the bench where her bag was. No pump. We came home and called the coach 
> and everyone else we had numbers for. No pump. A friend said there was 
> a basketball game going on and suggested that maybe the trainer was 
> there. We went back to the school, talked with a custodian, the 
> trainer, the principal. No pump.
> Then I drove to our local pharmacy to see if they still had any record 
> of her lantus prescription. They did. Unfortunately, it was over two 
> years ago. Our wonderful endo passed away last fall, and we aren't 
> established with another office yet. (That's another long story.) So 
> there was no endo to call.
> I tried to call our pediatrician at home, but she wasn't there. At my 
> request, the pharmacy called the on call pediatrician and got a triage 
> nurse. She was clueless. She thought insulin pumps were implanted and 
> couldn't figure out how Jenny lost her pump. I explained how pumps work 
> and  I told her what I thought Jenny's dose of basal lantus should be. 
> Then she proceeded to call the doctor on call. In the meantime, I got 
> ahold of our pediatrician at home who said she would call the pharmacy. 
> Good thing because the triage nurse could not convince the on call 
> doctor to approve the prescription.
> We finally got home. Jenny was 425. She corrected with humalog and I 
> gave her the same lantus dosage she got two years ago when she was off 
> the pump. I'm going to be up a lot tonight making sure we got it right.
> Anyway...  my biggest question now is: Does anyone have experience 
> trying to get homeowner's insurance to pay for a replacement pump? When 
> I called them several years ago they said that the pump would be 
> covered.
> I guess I will call Animas tomorrow to see if we can get a loaner. I 
> will also call the police and get a report filed. Any other suggestions?
> Kay
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