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No Subject

Hello again Gilles,

I did ask my rep for the newest one and she's making a big stink about it,
saying she'll have to ask all her upper managers to see if they'll allow it.
How I'm the ONLY ONE asking to do this (demand the newest model even though
they would give me the software for free for the older model).  She's making
me feel/sound like a little brat, like I'm asking for something special
that's very hard to get.  I explained to her that I like "gizmos" i.e.
computers  (every few months they're outdated).  I've been an mdi diabetic
for 44 years, that I can wait a little longer for the newest "gizmo"...my
new pump.  She gives me the feeling that I shouldn't even dare be asking
such a request! 

Thank you,

Marie Ricca

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:40:57 -0500

From: "Gilles Couroux" <email @ redacted>

Subject: RE: [IP] just waiting


I think tht the pump will be the same, everything will be the but the extras
they added in. For them it's nothing to do....i would get them to upgrade
your 1200 to 1250. The worst they can do is say "NO"



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