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[IP] missing pump (long)

Well, it finally happened. Jenny has been playing soccer for all of the 
six years that she has her pump. She boluses ahead, disconnects, leaves 
it in her sports bag, and plays. Today, at her high school varsity 
soccer game, her pump disappeared. She didn't notice until we were 
almost home. We turned around and searched the field. Everyone else was 
gone, but the field lights were still on, so we searched the field by 
the bench where her bag was. No pump. We came home and called the coach 
and everyone else we had numbers for. No pump. A friend said there was 
a basketball game going on and suggested that maybe the trainer was 
there. We went back to the school, talked with a custodian, the 
trainer, the principal. No pump.

Then I drove to our local pharmacy to see if they still had any record 
of her lantus prescription. They did. Unfortunately, it was over two 
years ago. Our wonderful endo passed away last fall, and we aren't 
established with another office yet. (That's another long story.) So 
there was no endo to call.

I tried to call our pediatrician at home, but she wasn't there. At my 
request, the pharmacy called the on call pediatrician and got a triage 
nurse. She was clueless. She thought insulin pumps were implanted and 
couldn't figure out how Jenny lost her pump. I explained how pumps work 
and  I told her what I thought Jenny's dose of basal lantus should be. 
Then she proceeded to call the doctor on call. In the meantime, I got 
ahold of our pediatrician at home who said she would call the pharmacy. 
Good thing because the triage nurse could not convince the on call 
doctor to approve the prescription.

We finally got home. Jenny was 425. She corrected with humalog and I 
gave her the same lantus dosage she got two years ago when she was off 
the pump. I'm going to be up a lot tonight making sure we got it right.

Anyway...  my biggest question now is: Does anyone have experience 
trying to get homeowner's insurance to pay for a replacement pump? When 
I called them several years ago they said that the pump would be 

I guess I will call Animas tomorrow to see if we can get a loaner. I 
will also call the police and get a report filed. Any other suggestions?

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