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[IP] Re: CoZmore Pump

Kelly Rowe wrote asking about CoZmore Pump

"Sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but I would 
like to
read some commentary from individuals that are using the CozMore pump 
meter combination.  I'm eligible for a new pump in April, and I'm 
leaning in
that direction.  Do you find the communication between meter and pump 
to be
useful?  Are the suggested corrections accurate?  Is there anything
cumbersome about the meter and pump?"

	I am a new pumper and have been on the CoZmo pump for about 2-1/2 
months.  The meter uses the pump's computer, memory and screen.  The 
meter hooks onto the pump securely at the battery cap.  It communicates 
to the pump via an infrared link.  If you want to use the waterproof 
aspect of the pump or have the pump communicate to a computer you have 
to disconnect the meter.  For taking a shower I turn off the pump and 
disconnect the tubing from my body.  I find this easier that taking the 
meter off of the pump.  I don't have the right kind of computer to use 
the personalization and history accessing features of the pump.  The 
software for doing this and a nice teaching program are included with 
the pump.  You need a PC running Windows to use this software.
	So far the above is the good news.  My CoZmo monitor began to fail a 
few days ago.  It began to get error messages and wouldn't measure my 
blood sugar.  I called CoZmo and they are sending me a new meter.  In 
the mean time I am using a FreeStyle Flash.  It uses the same strips as 
the CoZmo's meter.  To tell the meter what your blood sugar readings 
are from the Flash is reasonably straight forward.  Your trainer can 
show you how.  For meal bolus's the pump takes your Blood Sugar 
readings and the insulin on board and computes the size of the bolus.  
This calculation can be done by the algebra capable patient but it is 
nice that it is done by the pump's computer.  I assume other pumps do 
similar calculations.

Floyd Shipman
730 Jouett Drive
Newport News
Virginia 23608-1914
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