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[IP] Re: Insurance Regulations

Jimb I am a pumper on Medicare and they pay the whole  thing on the pump 
which is considered durable medical goods, much the same as a  wheel chair.. I 
 also have BCBS for my secondary insurance. Under their rule, I have to order my
prescription drugs via mail order and pay a $35 co-pay  for a 90 day supply. 
In the past, that has included insulin, lancets and test  strips. However, in 
December I read somewhere that they are now treating  the lancets and test 
 strips as durable goods and will pay for them. I spent two days in the Medicare
telephone maze and learned nothing but patience. Then it  dawned on me to call 
on the experts, the drug companies that advertise that they  file all Medicare 
and supplemental insurance papers for you. That occurred on 8  Dec and on 18 
Dec I got my first order of strips and lancets. Then last evening  while 
 reading an article on Medicare coverage in Diabetic Forecast, I read that they
might also pay for insulin for pumpers only if certain conditions  were met.  
Long story short, I got on the horn this AM and called the  company I got my 
 strips and lancets from and they had no clue on what I was talking about. I
called Liberty (they use Wilfred Brimley for their TV  commercials) and they 
were up to date and gave me the requiremts, i.e.,  c-peptide and four tests 
 daily all of which I met. They are now getting in touch with my doctor for all
the vital stats and prescriptions and asked that I call  them back in one week 
for a progress report. Really painless if you just start  with one of the 
 companies that advertise in Forecast and Liberty seemed a bit more on the ball
than the others. Give them your zip code and they have a  database of doctors 
in your area. Seemed to really be on the ball and did not  hesitate on any 
question I asked. Hope the little dissertation  helps.
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