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[IP] Quantity of Insulin Question and today's endo visit

 As I was weighed in on the scale to today, it read 177 pounds.. I was shocked a
bit but I knew that I have been gaining some,, cough, cough, weight. My
girlfreind who came with me, was telling me so too and saying that I am eating
too much. My endo who is female noticed and told me this too and also said to me
that soon I will look 4 months pregnant. YIKES!! The last visit 3 months ago, I
was 167. For math whizes, that is 10 pounds in 3 months. around 3.3 LBS a month.
Now provided that, thanksgiving and CHristmas holiday feasting was involved
during this stretch, I still found myself munching too much snacks and
sweets,,,,, and bolusing for them. As I do recall reading, insulin is a growth
hormone and can store fat. OF course this also applies to the theory that the
more insulin you take in, the more food you have to eat to balance it out and
versa vica.
 Conclusion- I need to get back on my exercise routine,,,,,,before this
relationship started. I also need to cut total calories and quit eating late at
night a high carb/fat snack, ie peanut butter and bread, puddings, cheese
sticks, Toquitas, etc.
 Robert, who forgot to mention that today's AIC, I was 6.8 down from last 2
visits of 7.3. and 7.2 respectively.
Robert again.

Work is for people who don't know how to fish,,, from a bumper sticker.
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