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RE: [IP] Toyota Commercial


I think she did, but she was too low, and inserted the strip backward, like
BB King does.

Actually, I think they should have shown her get up, insert her infusion set
in, realize that it was a squirter, gotten blood all over the bathroom
counter, then reinsert another infusion set, run around for a while, all
this before lowering her basal rate, so the little vermin could get a free
soda at (insert name of fast food joint here) from the guy driving.

Oh yeah... They are selling cars, for goodness sake!

The kids nowadays...  When I had low blood sugar as a kid, I had to walk
uphill in the snow in July to get a half-eaten sugar cube from my brother.

(rolling my eyes now...)

-----Original Message-----

I saw that commercial and it kinda pissed me off.  You don't see the girl 
test and what does the adult do - take the kids to burger king for drinks - 
he gets them all drinks.  Is that the best way to deal with a low ? Of 
course who am I to criticize. But I think TV should be held to a higher 

Robert B
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