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[IP] Re: Quantity of Insulin Question

 I agree with the following. I've been on the pump for 11 years and my weight
has stayed pretty stable that whole time, plus or minus 5 pounds depending on
how carefully I control my portions and snacking. I basically fluctuate between
25-35 units of insulin a day, depending on how many carbs I eat. I believe in a
balanced diet, with adequate fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I also like
sweets, so I usually allow myself a little ice cream or chocolate most days, and
occasionally something more. I believe it's the total calorie intake vs. energy
spent that determines your weight, not your insulin use per se. Of course,
taking more insulin then you should will require you to feed the insulin, which
will cause weight gain. That's why it's important to get your basals and insulin
to carb ratios set correctly. When I get careless with my eating and my weight
creeps up, I monitor my total calorie intake more closely and step up my
exercise, and that usually takes care of it (al!
  it's getting harder each year now that I'm 48 and my metabolism is slowing).

< I eat whatever I want. However, just like ANY person, if I eat more 
food than I
burn up, I will gain weight. I do not believe that the insulin itself 
is making
you gain weight, it's eating more than you need to eat based on your 
level. But, if you take too much insulin resulting in the need to 
glucose to keep your bg up, then yes, you will gain weight from that as 
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