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[IP] Insurance/Batteries

Speaking of insurance and batteries, does anyone know why MM does not allow 
you to order AAA batteries through their website?  I know with my 508 I 
could get batteries through them and my insurance would pay for it, but with 
the 512, I have to provide my own batteries.  Ironically, I get more life 
out of one AAA than I ever did with the three 357s even though the 357s were 
supposed to last longer.  I usually got 5-6 weeks out of the 357s (projected 
6 week battery life) but I seem to be getting 6 or 7 weeks out of one AAA 
(projected 1-3 week battery life).  I don't use the Paradigm link (I use my 
Ultra and enter manually) and I wonder if the meter link is what chews up 
battery life to get the 1-3 weeks that MM proposes.  I don't use any special 
batteries or anything (energizer).  I've also found that the IV Preps, when 
I order them through MM are also covered by my insurance.

Sarah, dx '92, pumping '00
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