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Re: [IP] active insulin

The best thing to do is to test yourself to find out how long insulin lasts 
in you.  Here's how to go about it...

Start when your BG is stable at a number above 120 but under 180 (start 
 higher than 120 if 1 unit brings your BG down more than 40 pts). Bolus one unit
insulin and then start testing BG every 15 minutes until BG becomes stable 
again.  That could range anywhere from  2-10 hours, depending on your body.  
This will give you a general guideline for how long insulin is active in your 
system, though as we all know, there are many things that can affect that.

You can also do a test with food involved, just inject for a meal, eat, then 
start mesuring BG every 15 minutes until you get three readings that are 
 stable, and there's your number for meal duration of insulin. For the food
you don't need to be above 120 to start.

The reason not to do it when your BG is above 180 is that our reaction to 
 insulin changes at about that number - we tend to need more to bring down highs
at 180 and above.

Most people find that the insulin stops being active somewhere in the 3-4 
hour range, but there's no universal rule.

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