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[IP] Re: Quantity of insulin question

I eat whatever I want and just bolus for it, but in limited amounts. I try 
to limit my carb intake to about 100g/day or so but not when I go out to 
eat which is at least once or twice a week.  I love candy and eat it every 
day.  The trick (for me) is limiting portions. I've learned to be happy 
with a snack sized Snickers instead of a regular sized one.
It's not simply a matter of how much insulin is needed. Calories certainly 
count as does exercise. Very few adults (diabetic or not) can eat as much 
as we want of whatever we want without gaining weight regardless of whether 
we use exogenous insulin or not.

>So, here's my question: How many of you just eat anything/everything you
>want, as long as you bolus for it? Do any of you find that the more insulin
>you use the more weight you gain (or find it harder to lose when you're
>using so much)? When I read about some of the things you folks eat, I'm just
>blown away
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