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RE: [IP] Stress test

I would act with some caution here. I agree that what he did was not exactly
a friendly thing to do. No question you pissed him off.

Maybe you should do some checking around and understand what kind of person
he is before contacting a lawyer and suing him... he might get real mad and
take revenge.

There are ways to deal with these folks, but don't become a target.

Also be sure to check what the ordinances are in your town, city or

You may be in the wrong to begin with, and in suing him you might get
yourself in trouble.

Do some checking first.... and by all means calm down.


 I'm not fond of people setting off firecrackers at 10 PM, and I hope you'll
more considerate next
 time. But pointing guns at people is just WAY out of line -- even if you
setting them off under
 their window at 3 AM! A simple citation for disturbing the peace would have
more than sufficed.

0) See a doctor about those chest pains.

1) See a lawyer.

 2) See about getting a restraining order. Not only will it cause him some
trouble, it will give you
some security, and recourse if further problems develop.

3) Sue in small claims court for the medical bills.

 4) File a formal complaint against him with his employer. I'm sure
a firearm in a
confrontration like this is against their rules. It SHOULD get him fired.

 5) Pointing a loaded firearm at you is pretty serious. Pursue it. Let your
lawyer do the work if
 possible. If the local authorities won't pursue it, take it to the state

Just my opinion. Not a lawyer. Don't watch lawyers on TV.
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