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[IP] Pain control

Hello Karen,

Your technique of staring at something, to put yourself into a daydream state,
is a proven method of greatly decreasing, if not totally eliminating, the
sensation of pain.  Documentation, in the medical literature proves this
works, a good example is Lamaze for childbirth.  Your advice to keep breathing
nice and slow is an essential part of success.   With a little practice,
almost anyone can learn to bear substantial pain.

However, IMO it is hard to perceive that any, life sustaining, level of oxygen
in your blood would/could have an affect on the pain level you perceive; nor
could it, in any way, make blood drawing easier.

Hal in Seattle
insulin dependent 25 yrs, pumping last 8 yrs

> I remind myself that oxygen in the blood helps keep the pain down and makes
the blood drawing eaiser and I focus on  breathing. I do much better now for
just a tube or 2 of blood because I know it
won't be long before it's over.  I think for that I would have to stare at
something and put myself into a daydream state, if that makes any sense, and
just keep breathing nice and slow.
> Karen <email @ redacted>
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