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Re: [IP] Quantity of insulin question

I pay more attention to amount than type of food, though I try to 
keep a balance of calories about 50% from carbs, 20% from protein and 
30% from fats, averaged over the day.  Pre-pump I was using 22 U of 
Lantus, and about 5-6 units of Humalog before each meal, and then 
eating to cover the insulin.  Total insulin 37-40 U/day, and I have 
been wearing 22 W and fighting to stay under 200 lb for years.
The pump brought me down almost at once to around 30-32 U/day, and 
while it took a while for me to realize it, my weight started 
dropping almost at once.  After a year on the pump, with no conscious 
effort at weight loss beyond paying attention to what I eat so I can 
bolus correctly (I aim for about 60 g carb for lunch and supper, less 
for breakfast) I have lost over 30 lb and now run a TDD of about 25 
U.  This is a rate of weight loss I am quite comfortable with, and 
when I went shopping for clothes last week I was somewhat shocked to 
find that I am now size 16--first time in years.
Sweets?  Yes.  But I try to confine them to times when I want to 
raise my blood sugar, either because I'm low or in preparation for 
exercise.   For me, I figure 1 gm carb will push my blood sugar up 
about 5 mg/ml.  If I'm below 60, I use glucose tablets.  60-80 more 
likely jelly beans (I know the ones I use have about 1.5 gm carb 
apiece); 80-120 too close after a meal, at bedtime or driving, I'll 
more likely use some form of chocolate.  Something sweet with about 
20 gm carbs is about right before half an hour on the rowing machine 
or stationary bike--works better for me than reduced basal, and 
knowing I have that carb on board is a powerful motivator for doing 
the full half hour.  (Unless I go low, of course, which I've been 
known to do.)
Basically, sugar will push your blood sugar up faster than insulin 
can push it down.  Some really slow acting carbs (like beans or 
pizza) go the other way.  Aerobic exercise can push my blood sugar 
down a good deal faster than a bolus.  Weight loss?  I still don't 
know where mine came from, but I have certainly not cut out all sugar.
Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://mosquitonet.com/~sbowling (general)
http://bowlingsite.mcf.com/DogPage.html (dogs)
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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