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[IPn] Deltec Chat Tonight

Pumpers and Friends,

        IP has hosted chats everynight in the Anytime room starting at 9pm
EST,  8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST.

         Deltec Chat on 1-24-2005 in Guest room at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm
MST,  6pm PST. IP Hosts are Jenny Sutherland and Stefanie "Tink" Lana.

     To join the chat, simply point your browser to
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml  and select "Guest" from the
pull-down menu of chat rooms (where it asks you to select a chat room).  You
will then need to type in your username and password when prompted. Your
username is the email address that you subscribed to the list with and your
password. If you are having problem accessing the chat, email
help@insulin-pumpers.org  and we will help you access the chat.

You can email your questions to email @ redacted ahead
of time and we can get them to the Guest Speakers. Or --if you missed it--
you can read the chat transcript in the archives the next day.
    Your IP Chat Hosts work to bring you the latest information, if there is
something you would like to hear about please drop a note to
email @ redacted

       If you missed any part of a chat and would like to view the
transcripts, all you need to do is point your favorite Web
Browser to:

You can read the log for last nights chat or anyone of the chats on IP as
they all are in the archives.

    Welcome Back to Ed Marsh, glad to have you back to hosting. Being 
offline is hard, I was off for only two weeks and I missed everyone.

    Animas will be back in the lineup soon, working on the dates now :-)

     Watch for more chats soon.... pump supplies makers... or maybe a mail
order supply ....what do you want to hear about?... learn about what? Send
in your ideas and your  IP Chat Host Group will see if the topic or speaker
 can be found to do a chat; if you know someone who would be a  speaker send
me the info. please.

      Are the Chats on Insulin Pumpers something that help you with your day
to day life on a pump, if you learn anything... maybe how to get the paper
worked filed, is it some place to talk about what is wrong or right about
today.. If it helps in anyway... And if you CAN afford a contribution,
Please help with the Pledge Drive, send that help now! The Internet may be
free, but it costs money to air condition those email  servers and Chat
servers to keep them running! If you can't afford to send a little support
to Insulin Pumpers, send a note to one of the chat hosts, or one of the
Admins... A BIG THANK YOU!!!

                  MICHAEL, THANK YOU for a Great JOB!!

                        REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

For mail list removal contact
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org