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Re: [IP] Quantity of insulin question

At 01:24 PM 1/24/2005, Full Spectrum wrote:

>So, here's my question: How many of you just eat anything/everything you
>want, as long as you bolus for it? Do any of you find that the more insulin
>you use the more weight you gain (or find it harder to lose when you're
>using so much)? When I read about some of the things you folks eat, I'm just
>blown away!

 I eat whatever I want. However, just like ANY person, if I eat more food than I
burn up, I will gain weight. I do not believe that the insulin itself is making
you gain weight, it's eating more than you need to eat based on your activity
level. But, if you take too much insulin resulting in the need to consume
glucose to keep your bg up, then yes, you will gain weight from that as well.

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