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[IP] Quantity of insulin question

OK, here's a question that's bugged me for a long time. As weight is one of
my biggest (no pun intended!) concerns as a Type1, I try to keep my insulin
use to the lowest possible amount. It's my understanding, that as a
fat-storing hormone, the more insulin I use, the more potential fat I store.
So I stick to a very low carb diet (30 grams per day) and usually only bolus
1 or 2 units per meal.

When I was diagnosed, the "rule" was no sugar of any kind. Now I know that's
changed over the years, and rules are meant to be broken. But I still don't
eat sugar in any form, and my numbers are consistently on target.

So, here's my question: How many of you just eat anything/everything you
want, as long as you bolus for it? Do any of you find that the more insulin
you use the more weight you gain (or find it harder to lose when you're
using so much)? When I read about some of the things you folks eat, I'm just
blown away!


> I make myself a peanut butter
> and bananna and jelly/jam/preserve sandwich or peanut butter and bannana and
> honey. I would count the carbs in the 2 breads, peanut butter, bananan,
> honey/jam etc, and still bolus a few hundread units.
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