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[IP] Stress test

I think I have the worst test ever!!!!! On New Years eve, my daughter  and I 
were doing some fireworks in our driveway I am  talking about  firecrackers. 
Our next door neighbor is pregnant. I saw her in her garage. She  got in her 
 truck and pulled the truck partway in our driveway. She asked if we were going
to do fireworks all F--------night! I answered no we were not going  to do 
fireworks all f_________night. She drove off! About then her husband came  
walking up the road and he asked what his wife said so I told him. I started  
 telling him I was sorry for doing the fireworks. My daughter and I were through
doing the fireworks any way He went crazy! He told me to get the f--- off his  
 land.I started to back up even though I was on my land. About then he pulled
 a gun and pointed it at me then pointed if in the air and shot 11 times. Any 
way  since then my blood sugars have really been messed up from the stress  
 test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alot more has happened since then. By the way we
were shooting the fireworks at 10pm. He isn't arrested yet because he is a 
part  time sherrif deputy. He was a full time deputy. I imagine he will get by 
with  it. The police told us he has to say that I am going to kill you before 
they can  do an immediate arrest. Every time I see him my blood sugars go sky  
high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We own six acres of land too. 
                       I hope no one else has to have this worst 
stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I have had chest  pain too from this but it is spasms.
                                  Every one take care! I will try to. This 
story is alot longer but I have ramble  along enough. I know the ones on this 
 group will understand about the blood sugars getting out of control from stess.
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