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RE: [IP] site area itchy

Good Day, 

I have the same thing it itches when I get the canula out and I keep it in
for 4-5 days and I have no problem....i change it only when I change my
insulin vail on my MM 715. I put rubbing alcohol to remove the itch. And
also I make sure to take my shower at the same time I change the canula.
Before I install the canula I install a tegaderm with a punch hole. And I
install the canula over the tegaderm and I have more of adherence to the
tegaderm and it's more sterile.


I have a quick question..... I have noticed that when I remove the
canula, on my skin it appears that it looks like an insect bite and it
itches...... is that normal? I change sites every 3 days.... Just
wondering if this happens to anyone else.... or what can be done for it
not to happen   OH YES!!! before the pump my bg's were high 200-300 well
now that the basal seems to be at the correct rate I am now staying in
the 100s! hard to believe and get a lil nervous when I see the bg at 100
or in the 90's but I will get used to it..   Thanks Dawn dx 14yrs pumping
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