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Re: [IP] Re: Peanut Butter

 I use the Peter Pan no sugar added, no salt added peanut butter. It comes in
the yellow plastic jar. Its about the only one I like. The ones with sugar added
is just too sweet ofr me now, since I have been eating only the no sugar added
one. I beleive that sugar does not need to be added to peanut butter at all. It
defeats the purpose. There is no reason for it. there is still 5 grams of carbs
per serving and 2 grams of fiber if I remember. I make myself a peanut butter
and bananna and jelly/jam/preserve sandwich or peanut butter and bannana and
honey. I would count the carbs in the 2 breads, peanut butter, bananan,
honey/jam etc, and still bolus a few hundread units.

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>Most brand of peanut butter have corn syrup or sugar added.
> If you like it a little chunky, try grinding your own at Whole 
>Foods. That way
>you know there are no added oils or sugars.

Adams has peanuts and a trace of salt as the only ingredients. 
Course you do have to keep it refrigerated, and the oils (not being 
hydrogenated) will separate out if you don't keep it stirred.
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