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Re: [IP] dr visit & labs

oops I snipped away who wrote this:

<<I always wonder about *watching* something instead of doing something
about it. <snip> But, You are already spilling protein and
your BP is a little high and you are a DMer, so what are they going to
watch? Watch it get better??? I don't think so.

Are you not already on an ACE Inhibitor to protect your kidneys? That
will also take care of the BP - which greatly affects the kidneys. Are
they going to watch them decline, then say "OOOPS - we should have...."?>>
Thank You.
 I also understand that they are very careful with me because it's sooo easy to
throw off my sodium level. I've had tremendous problems with it being too low.
 Since I've been started on a new med and my Reglan for gastroparesis was
doubled. I forgot to mention I've been having more problems with that.
 Anyway. If I felt my bp was remaining high in average activity then I'd just
call and tell them, and they'd respond.
 The NP is an aquaintance of mine, so he won't hesitate to help me as needed,
and I have my CDE's home and cell #.
Thank you sooo much for your concern, it really helps.
Lisa Ann & Lucy...

"The more people I meet, the more I love my dog."
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