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Re: [IP] plastic vs glass cartridges

I wonder if the H-tron plastic cartridges are different now from a few years
ago?  They certainly are packaged differently.

Claire started pumping using the H-tron and glass cartridges almost four years
ago.  We had two sample plastic ones, which we never tried.  I liked the
glass, and was worried when they were discontinued.  But when we received the
plastic for the first time last summer I tried them right away, rather than
using up the glass ones I still had.

I LOVE the plastic!  Linda, they are so easy to fill and use and now Claire
NEVER has air bubbles form in the cartridges.  We always had bubbles with the
glass, but they were never a problem as Claire just wore the pump upside down
and they never entered the tubing.  An added bonus is that the plastic won't
smash when you drop it on the bathroom floor, though that only happened to me

I like the plastic so much that our remaining glass ones probably won't ever
get used (at least by us).

It is almost time to go pump shopping again.  But Claire says "no way".  She
loves her H-trons and says that she is NOT interested in another pump!  Our
insurance will be changing on July 1 and I thought that I should get another
pump (if I can) on the old insurance once our warranty is up.  So I hope that
Disetronic makes its May 1 launch date for the new pump into Canada.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 10

<<Actually I remember what really bugged me - not just the air bubbles..when I
would try and remove the plunger the inner part would move and I couldn't get
the stick part off - I have not had that trouble with the glass.  I will
continue to use them as long as I can along with my trusty h-trons.

Linda & dax
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