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[IP] Re:basal testing

things considered in wacky overnight testing  discrepancies:
> 1-hormones
> 2-high fat/carb meals
> 3-stress  (this is a biggy for me)
> 4-lows folloewed by highs (when checking each  hour and you go up 50 pts in 
> hour, each hour, I am assuming that is  is just creeping, not a bounceback?)
> 5-location of the moon
>  6-how you hold your tongue :-)

7-A realignment of the  planets.
 To that list I will add:
8.  sun spots
9 the way I hold my mouth (I learned that one from my father  about fishing)
10.  Cloudy weather
11.  Fair weather
12.   No weather
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