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[IP] islet cell blood work

Well, I went today to get my blood work drawn for potential islet cell. 
  I don't know why but I was very nervous.  They needed to draw 15 tubes 
of blood because of all the testing.  Also, I've never had glucagon, 
but she said that they were going to do a glucagon test to see if I 
make any c-peptide.  She said it occasional makes some people vomit.  
Well, that got me soo nervous that they had to poke me 5 different 
places and couldn't get enough blood.  They said my hands were like 

I was just wondering what people's experience with glucagon is like.  
My mom and brother have had it done and said they felt a little sick 
but it wasn't bad.  I think i just get myself worked up a lot.

Also, does anyone have any experience on blood draws and how to calm 


27 years, 18 yrs Dx, Minimed 515
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