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RE: [IP] Nighttime Basals

 Yes, when you have the option of lowering prior basals. In my case, I was
getting this effect even
 without using ANY insulin. I actually delayed going on the pump because I was
concerned that having
 a long period of zero basal would lead to site problems. In fact, I ended up
going off insulin
entirely. (I couldn't do that now!).

 Until recently, my basal dropped to 0.05 U/hr at 7:00 pm, so not a lot of room
there to remove
earlier basal!

 It's not an issue for me now. Since going on replacement hydrocortisone, my
nighttime blood sugars
 (and basals in general) have been rising gradually but steadily. I'm
contemplating upping the 0.00
 U/hr in the early AM to 0.05 U/hr. It jumps up to 1.85 U/hr after I get up to
take my meds -- about
3x where I started.

 Other than the gradual rise, though, my nighttime basals are pretty consistent,
too, unless I'm
sick. Just weird.

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  Unless the negative basal time were the whole night long, I would adjust the
prior basals allowing
 my bg to rise slightly so that during the "negative basal" times it would even
out. Basically the
 same type of thing I do for exercise (except I do it by underbolusing prior to
exercise). I'd wonder
 if the prior basals were too high causing the IOB to require a "negative basal"
to level it out. For
 me, since I do not exercise or eat during my sleep my basals are very stable at
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