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RE: [IP] Nighttime Basals

At 12:59 PM 1/21/2005, Bob Kerns wrote:
 > You infuse insulin without your pump testing whether you really need it or
>based on testing
> your basals. What would you do if your basal testing indicated you needed a
>negative basal?

 Unless the negative basal time were the whole night long, I would adjust the
prior basals allowing my bg to rise slightly so that during the "negative basal"
times it would even out. Basically the same type of thing I do for exercise
(except I do it by underbolusing prior to exercise). I'd wonder if the prior
basals were too high causing the IOB to require a "negative basal" to level it
out. For me, since I do not exercise or eat during my sleep my basals are very
stable at night.

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