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[IP] basal testing:frustrated!!

I am really getting fed up with trying to do some nighttime basal testing
(I read Roselea said that was her calmest time of a day, and I AM JEALOUS!)
Anyway, when I FINALLY have a day where the bedtime numbers are in range and I
haven't had a meal high in fats, etc to confuse things,  and I manage to
stay/get up throughout the night, I NEVER get the same results....one time, I
have a pretty 'even' night, close to range....another night, I am 79 at
bedtime, so eat some carbs/sugar before going to bed, and all is in range
overnight, and then other times, all is well at bedtime, and after about 1 am,
things start climbing, and even with corrections through the night, am over
250 upon waking ARGH

thanks for letting me vent,

on another, funnier note, I changed a set this morning, and I use a hole punch
to put a hole in the IV3K.   Well, I THOUGHT that that pesky hole that I
removed was in the trash...only to discover a few hours later, while trying,
unsuccessfully, to thread a needle on the sewing machine, that the reason my
finger wasn't working properly (knew I had not developed neuropathy in a
single finger THAT fast...couldn't feel it, it wasn't giving me feedback) was
it had a hole ON IT!!!...I had a heck of a time getting it off the tip of my
dominant hand with my hand that has trouble working properly..ah life is so
much fun some days <smile>

things considered in wacky overnight testing discrepancies:
2-high fat/carb meals
3-stress (this is a biggy for me)
4-lows folloewed by highs (when checking each hour and you go up 50 pts in an
hour, each hour, I am assuming that is is just creeping, not a bounceback?)
5-location of the moon
6-how you hold your tongue :-)
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