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[IP] continuoius glucose monitor

On wednesday, I was hooked up to a minimed CGMS.  I'm to keep in on until 
Monday morning, and then I'll be sending it be via fedex.  I can't wait to see 
the results for all that time.

The purpose is to try to figure out how I can have an a1c of 6.5 or 6.6 when 
my BG average on my one touch ultra smart is above 170, or even above 200 the 
last few weeks.  The thinking is that I must be going low without realizing 
it, especially at night.

The other purpose is to have more data to get my insurance company to approve 
a pump for me.

So far, the most annoying thing about being attached to this thing is 
 figuring out what to do with it when dressing or undressing. The cord with the
isn't very long, so I can't just put it on a dresser or table.

Showering is a bit of a pain as I have to put it in a shower bag, and since 
the cord is so short, I either need to wear it around my neck or hook it to my 
shower caddy and then keep from doing too much moving around.

Though it's bigger than a pump, I guess it's a good way to learn a bit about 
being attached to something.

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