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Re: [IP] Nighttime Basals

At 03:22 AM 1/21/2005, Bob Kerns wrote:
> Of course, I agree that lowering the basal is to be preferred, but until our
>pumps infuse glucose or
>glucagon... (Yes, I know about historical pumps that did deliver glucagon!)

 I have my nighttime basals set fairly accurately for me. I've done extensive
testing of them while I've been on the pump. I can go to bed and wake up within
a few points of what I tested before bed. If I eat before bed, I have to bolus
for it, and then I tend to gain weight. I surely would not want a pump that
infused glucagon unless it had some way of testing whether I really needed it or
not. Nighttime just happens to be my most stable time of the day, probably
because there are not many variables at that time that affect my bg.

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