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[IP] Nighttime Basals

 I don't know about the original poster, but I used to have this problem, with
no IOB. Even now, my
 nighttime basal is 0.05 U/hr, dropping to 0.00 U/hr for several hours.
Fortunately, I no longer have
to get up and eat!

 Of course, very little about me is normal. I suspect my liver was not putting
out enough glucose due
to lack of cortisol.

 Of course, I agree that lowering the basal is to be preferred, but until our
pumps infuse glucose or
glucagon... (Yes, I know about historical pumps that did deliver glucagon!)

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter W. Rowe
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2005 23:49

 Wouldn't it be better to adjust one's nighttime basal rates so that regular
evening snacks to
 maintain bg aren't needed? Call me naive or something, but it seems to me that
if you're regularly
 having nightime hypos, the culprit might be too high a nightime basal rate,
rather than a lack of
night time calories.
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