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Re: [IP] 7?? OR 712 or 715?

At 9:05 PM -0500 1/20/05, Maureen Helinski wrote:
>I upgraded and I like it. You don't have a lot of change but for me the main
>thing was the ability to set the time limit for insulin. I am now back to
>Humalog because it just works much faster on me and I can set the four hour
>limit for the bolus wizard.  I know after 4 hours I have no more bolus left.
>Otherwise it give you a back light on all screens and battery symbol.
>You can't use the Solutions software with the 715. You have to use their
>online Carelink, which I like better.
>I was told the new pump would be 1 1/2 years away.  Is there really one to
>come out in four months?  That seems strange when they are marketing this
>one so much. The next one is supposed to be linked to their continuous blood
>monitor (in 1 1/2 years)
>Maureen Helinski

Which CGMS?   I understood that it would be the Guardian III that 
communicates with the Paradigm and neither the Guardian II nor the 
Guardian I have been released yet.


I found the discussion of the links between long-term sensor 
technology and the implantable pump to be quite interesting, check 
out pages 33 and 58 on their Annual Report.  All of the discussion 
about the long-term sensor was strictly in relation to the 
implantable pump.   The only statements made about the Guardian 
system would be its ability to alarm at preset levels, nothing on any 
communication between it and a pump.

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