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RE: [IP] Plastic versus Glass reservoirs


I thought that the D-TRON was out of the market because of misc. problem.

And I think the difference between the plastics and glass is that you pre
fill in advance the glass cartridge as the plastic is fill when needed and
plastic are good for one use only.


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   I'd be happy to comment on that.  I called that a "best feature"
purely as a matter of convenience.  I use the D-Tron Plus, which uses
300ml glass cartridges.  These are the same size as the pre-filled
Humalog pen cartridges.  I used these pre-filled cartridges for several
months until I began to get painful, itchy sites.  I then switched to
NovoLog (a.k.a. NovoRapid), which also comes in pre-filled cartridges
but  they are not approved by Diestronic for use in the D-Tron Plus.
   So, to fill my 300ml glass cartridges, I use a Disetronic cartridge
filling kit.  The kit basically consists of a 315ml plastic cartridge,
and a two piece jig that holds the glass cartridge and the plastic
cartridge.  So, to fill my glass cartridge, I put the needle on the
plastic one, suck the insulin out of the bottle,  and then connect the
jig together and squirt the insulin into the glass one.    As you can
see, this procedure is kind of redundant since I'm already filling a
plastic cartridge, which is why I called the plastic one a "best feature".
   Technologically, I think the glass cartridges are better than plastic
for several reasons: 1) the plunger has three seals instead of two, 2)
it has a rubber end-cap like an insulin bottle so I can fill a whole
bunch of them in advance and not have to worry about contamination, 3)
they are narrower in diameter, which makes them easier to store (for me,
at least).  In fact, I carry my "emergency back-up insulin" in glass
cartridge that I only fill with about 100 units.  Its small enough that
I carry it and a 3/10cc syringe in my glucometer  case.  After a couple
of months I throw it out and replace it with a fresh one.
   You can see a picture of a glass cartridge at this URL:


   I hope this helps.


Nigel Armstrong wrote:

>Glass versus Plastic reservoirs?
>In a posting back Jan. 9 Bob Stoll was commenting on the pending Accu Chek
>Spirit and said:
>"It looks like they combined the best features in the H-Tron (plastic
>cartridge) and the D-Tron (very programmable) into a new case."
>I seek clarification.
>I was very, very attracted to the concept of using pen-injector cartridges
>as the pump insulin reservoir, a feature I thought only Disetronic offered.
>I gather that at one time they also offered a system of filling up their
>glass cartridges for clients, but that didn't interest me so much as being
>able to use the cartridges produced and packaged by Lilly (or NovoLog).
>I do not use pen injectors now so I don9t know what9s happening with that
>I am just interested in a pump that will use a pre-packaged pen injector
>Are the Humalog and NovoLog pen cartridges interchange?
>Why did Mr. Stoll say that a 3best feature2 of the H-Tron was its plastic
>I thought that glass was better for insulin preservation than plastic.
>I also thought that pen injector cartridges are glass. Is that still the
>case or not?
>Thanks for help anyone.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org