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Re: [IP] Plastic versus Glass reservoirs

> Glass versus Plastic reservoirs?
> In a posting back Jan. 9 Bob Stoll was commenting on the pending Accu
> Chek Spirit and said: "It looks like they combined the best features in
> the H-Tron (plastic cartridge) and the D-Tron (very programmable) into a
> new case." I seek clarification. I was very, very attracted to the
> concept of using pen-injector cartridges as the pump insulin reservoir,
> a feature I thought only Disetronic offered. I gather that at one time
> they also offered a system of filling up their own glass cartridges for
> clients, but that didn't interest me so much as being able to use the
> cartridges produced and packaged by Lilly (or NovoLog).

The problem is that the Lilly and Novolog cartridges are ever so 
slightly different in size. The DTron will take the Lilly cartridges, 
but not the Novo cartridges. This is a problem for people that can't 
use Lilly insulins. The Novo cartridge appears to fit in the DTron, but 
in fact does not. The drive mechanism can be damaged by using the Novo 
cartridge and both Disetronic and Novo have issued a warning to that 
effect. What would be nice would be a "standard" cartridge -- this is 
unlikely to happen because the drug companies jealously guard their 
"patented" cartridges. I suppose it would be possible to design a pump 
that would accommodate different cartridges however I suspect their 
would be difficulties doing so.

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