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[IP] Sample Basal Profile for 13 year old Boy


I have a 13 year old son, dxd at 4.5 (1995).

We think that his basals are out of whack. I realize that everyone's 
milage may vary, but it would be very useful to see some other basal 
profiles for a 13 year old boy.  I would just like to see some 
parameters. For many years he had an A1C in the low 6's, but over the 
last year has jumped to 8.1.  I find it very hard to test basals 
since there are so many factors involved, even after you remove some 
of them. You can skip meals and test to see if the basals are holding 
the blood sugar steady, but during the time you are testing for 
basals, carbs can be coming online from the previous meal if it was 
high protein, high fat, or both.  Likewise, exercise can have a 
delayed effect, lowering blood glucose levels, causing one to think 
that the basals are too high.  We have so many problems with bad 
sites (especially prematurely bad sites) that we never know if the 
high is caused by a bad site, too many carbs/too small a bolus, too 
low a basal, and so forth.

So, if you are able to make a list of basals during a 24 hour period 
for a medium-sized 13 year old boy, it would be really helpful right 


Mark Chorvinsky
father to pumper David, 13

Humalog in Animas Pump, pumping since 6 years old (7 years)
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