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Re: [IP] RE: Cozmonitor question - Anyone else have to ....

My error messages on the Cozmonitor read, " Problem with meter blood glucose
reading not done"  And then the error number followed.  It was not always the
same but was either 12 or 304, and one time it was 9999.

I don't have a dog, so it's unlikely it was dog or pet hair in the meter.  I
do always keep the pump and meter inside a case, but that doesn't mean that
dirt still wouldn't get inside the slot.

As for the battery cover, it was on there and the battery seemed to be making
a good connection, but I'm sure no expert.  It hadn't been dropped or banged
but it seems strange that a second one would do the same thing that the first
one did.  I would really like to find out the answer so that if it's
something I'm doing, I can stop it.

At least in my mind, it's not like the pump stops working and it's not really
a major thing for the meter to stop working.  I always have a Flash around to
use anyway.  Since this happened the first time, I have a Flash in my purse
as a backup, so it's no crisis and Deltec has really been great about sending
me a new meter when it starts to flake out.  You can't really ask for better
service than that.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> I had trouble with E3 msgs and later that day, it locked up the pump...it was
> on one of 2 screens, either the apply sample or the screen with the code, and
> to reset the pump, I removed the pump battery...
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