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I got my first pump in 1981 through Dr.Tamborlane and his great Yale NH  
Hospital Team. I  owe my life to what he did for me. 
Fred " pumping since ' 81"
Hi Krista,

Have your endo contact:

William V.  Tamborlane, MD <email @ redacted>

He has done research  on this problem and may be able to shed some 
additional light on the  subject.

BTW, the term is  "Lipoatrophy"



One  solution may be to switch to regular insulin in the pump. The 
insulin  mentioned in the article above is no longer available, but that 
should not  really make a difference.

If you switch to regular, you will have to  pre-bolus for meals because 
the response time is much slower for regular...  and set all the basal 
rate start times back 30 minutes from the time they  start now. Other 
changes will be very small and should not take much  adjustment. 

Talk to your doc about this. Bill Tamborlane is a very nice  guy and 
will certainly respond to your doc's  query.

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