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Re: [IP] Charitable Contribution Tax Deduction (was Disetronic supplies available)

At 9:36 AM -0500 1/19/05, JHughey wrote:
>  > Extra supplies can always be sent to the Insulin Pumpers office. I
>>  find a home for them with one of our members that's having financial
>>  difficulty. As a bonus, your donation is tax deductible :-)
>In reality, the last sentence should read, "As a bonus, your donation
>*may be* tax deductible." Check with your tax accountant for the

Actually the wording should be:

"your donation qualifies as a charitable contribution.  Report your 
charitable contributions on Schedule A of Form 1040.  If you made 
noncash contributions, you may also be required to fill out parts of 
Form 8283."

There is no question as to the qualification as a charitable 
contribution.  Whether you take the deduction depends on your 
personal tax situation.

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