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 I agree with Michael's suggestion - sounds like you've got a working solution
on hand now.
 If switching to using regular insulin & pump does not solve the problem
(hopefully it will) and you (and Anthony's doctors) are interested in trying out
temporarily giving Anthony humalog using a Gentlejet (one reason I did this was
because I lost so much subcutaneous tissue from my injection sites that
initially it was not possible for me to wear a "quick-set" (soft catheter)
infusion set because the catheter (i'm not sure what it's called - the thin
tubing that is left under the skin when the needle is removed) was pressing
against my muscle and kinking due to the lack of subcutaneous tissue. Wearing a
metal needle under the skin is very painful in "thin" injection sites. After
injecting insulin with the Gentljet for a period of time I recovered enough
tissue to be able to wear a quick-set and switch over to pump therapy.
 The doctor who looked after me and was very supportive of me while I started
using the Gentlejet (in 1997) and when I switched over to pump therapy is Dr
Richard Firth in the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. He is a
well-respected consultant diabetologist and endocrinologist and knowledgeable
about lipoatrophy and the use of, pros (in my case lots of them!!) & cons (in my
case none that weren't successfully overcome) of the Gentlejet in treating
 If your doctor wishes to contact him his contact details are at www.mater.ie (
email @ redacted ) .

 Oh one other thing- when someone has fairly large lipoatrophic lesions on their
arms or abdominal region - they are far more sensitive to the cold. We need our
fatty tissue for not just for insulin injections but for insulation too!!

best wishes 
Type 1 12+years, Gentlejet 6 years,  MM508 1+

email @ redacted wrote:
> > My son Anthony will be 4 next week.  He was diagnosed with T1 August 25,
> > 2002.  He has been pumping since 4/03.  He now is having severe
> > lipodystrophy issues.  I really do not want to take him off the pump. We
> > have switched from humalog to novolog and it's still an issue.  Any info
> > would be appreciated. Krista, worried mommy to Anthony. .
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> Hi Krista,
> Have your endo contact:
>    William V. Tamborlane, MD <email @ redacted>
> He has done research on this problem and may be able to shed some 
> additional light on the subject.

> One solution may be to switch to regular insulin in the pump. The 
> insulin mentioned in the article above is no longer available, but that 
> should not really make a difference.
> If you switch to regular, you will have to pre-bolus for meals because 
> the response time is much slower for regular... and set all the basal 
> rate start times back 30 minutes from the time they start now. Other 
> changes will be very small and should not take much adjustment. 
> Talk to your doc about this. Bill Tamborlane is a very nice guy and 
> will certainly respond to your doc's query.
> Michael
> .
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