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[IP] RE: teaching doctors

Someone Said:
>So, next time you think about jumping those of us who dedicate our lives
>taking care of all of you, please think a little and remember I probably 
>remember! Think beyond yourself, and unless the doctor molests you or 
>you, or does grievous harm (and by this I mean Pulling you off all meds and
>telling you to go home and rot), keep your tirade to yourself.

Throwing my two cents in (from my own personal experience), when I am 
referred to a specialist to treat a disease or condition (i.e. and endo for 
my Diabetes and/or Addison's Disease) I expect that caregiver to have some 
basic knowledge of what they are treating.  I've had doctors who have never 
seen an insulin pump before, never heard of Novo- or Humalog, didn't know 
the difference between Type 1 and 2 and had never in their lives heard of 
Addison's Disease, despite being from Massachusetts.  *That's* the kind of 
doctor that needs to be taught by the patient, and that's the kind of doctor 
you get in a Massachusetts HMO.

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted
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