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[IP] lantus and dogs

My vet would not approve Lantus but I talked to several people (Margo here
on our list) who used it. I used it for a while because I still have an old
bottle of mine (about expired now). The doc wanted me to give him NPH 4 U
twice a day.  That was awful because Baxter eats a lot (22 pound Jack
Russel) all day long.  I measure his BG's with one of my old meters and he
hates that.  Eventually I was afraid of lows and went with the cheaper NPH
($17 at Wal-Mart) and I mix it with some of my Humalog or Novolog. He gets 8
U of this mixture every 8 hours (or so). This seems fine and I only test
when he looks droopy. He also knows when the shots are due (or maybe because
he gets to eat then). I use an old Novolog pen that I only have to fill once
a week so it all goes easily. Even my husband gives the shots when needed.
He never concerned himself with my shots but pays attention to the dog.
Maureen Helinski 
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