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Re: [IP] teaching doctors

I do too.  Many doctors DO care and DO try, but *I* haven't seen many 
of them here in this area. The one I did have who was so brilliant I 
can no longer see because I'm on Medic-Aid and they stopped seeing "Our 
sort of people"....

I think what 'gets' to me is when a doc ONLY sees me as a 'textbook 
case' and takes nothing else into account. The time my dad died, I was 
under MAJOR Stress, but still got a ragging for 'less than good' BG 
levels. I'd only lost him the week before and the endo expected perfect 

I came in with food and exercise logs at another docs, and they did not 
care. They only wanted the little 4 times a day logbook. Then they 
jumped all over me about 2-4 highs (instead of what I had already done, 
Looked at the odd food I'd tried and made allowances for next time 

There are many great ones out there if you can afford to see them. 
Otherwise, some can be extremely narrow in their views.

On Jan 18, 2005, at 1:17 PM, Tina Robertson wrote:

I actually agree with both these people.  Both make excellent points!
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