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Re: [IP] teaching doctors

In a message dated 1/18/05 3:26:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>Accept your disease and deal with it as best you can OR go on living like
>crabby, angry, bad mouthing people.

Contrary to what you imply here, there is nothing inconsistant about 
 accepting my disease and trying to get the best care I can. That may, at times,
 include grousing about doctors. Even the IP site keeps a list of pump friendly
 doctors because people all too often run into doctors who won't put in for
- sometimes they have a decent reason, but often it's a refusal out of 
 ignorance of what the pump can do for someone, laziness about learning about
or just plain stubborness.

Doctors still put people on NPH and regular, an oudated mode of treatment.  
Sure, it works for some people, but not for many, and it's not like Lantus and 
humalog/novolog came out last week.

Doctors often also think it's fine when patients have a1cs in the 8s and 9s 
and beyond. Well, as a patient, I want better care than this, and I would like 
to think that my doctor doesn't really want me getting complications sooner 
rather than later or never.

Doctors are just people like any other person in any other field.  Sure, they 
go to school longer and train longer than many fields, but the rewards are 
greater too.  Not many doctors struggle to afford health insurance, etc.

Dealing with my disease the best I can means grousing about doctors on lists 
like this because people are helpful when we find bad or unhelpful doctors.  
They offer suggestions for how to deal with them or remind us that we can fire 
them and find new doctors.  Dealing with doctors is part of diabetes.

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