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Re: [IP] teaching doctors

In a message dated 1/18/05 3:03:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 
>So, next time you think about jumping those of us who dedicate our lives 
>taking care of all of you, please think a little and remember I probably 
>remember! Think beyond yourself, and unless the doctor molests you or 
>you, or does grievous harm (and by this I mean Pulling you off all meds and 
>telling you to go home and rot), keep your tirade to yourself.  

I'm very respectful of a doctor who is respectful of me.  I also realize that 
it is impossible for a doctor to keep up with every new treatment and every 
theory, and why should a doctor remember me after three months - that's what 
charts are for.

But, when I doctor insults me, belittles my concerns, refuses to help me, 
 won't listen to an alternate point of view, I refuse to put up with him or her,
and I fire that person.  So far, I've done that once.  I'm tempted with a 
 current heart doctor, but since I don't have to see him except for checkups,
make that decision later.

I've been accused of lying, I've been told I don't care about my health, I've 
been told I'm going to die before I'm 40 (I turned 42 yesterday), and I've 
been dismissed as overly concerned with one thing or another.

I've also had great doctors - from the family doctor I had as a child to my 
gastroenterologist to my orthopedists to my dentist to my GP and so on.  Have 
only ever met the NP in my endo's office, so the jury is still out on him. 

I consider the doctor patient relationship a sort of partnership, and I 
 appreciate the difficulties doctors deal with, but I don't consider their jobs
sacrifices as compared with many others out there.  Most professions are 
 tough to deal with these days, and the fact that a job is difficult doesn't
the frustration, anger, etc. should be taken out on me.

I think patients have a lot to teach doctors about the various conditions and 
diseeases out there - a patient with diabetes is full of great information 
for doctors.  What bothers me is the doctor who refuses to learn anything from 
the patient and who refuses to treat the patient as an individual whose 
condition or disease might not neatly fit into some box or another.

Part of my appointment with a doctor is to teach him or her about me - to 
give information so that sound decisions can be made.

So no, I won't put up with doctors unless they're trying to kill me.  I 
expect and want a lot more than that.

If you don't like the partnership idea, then I can say it's a business 
 transaction. The doctor is my employee for the time that I am there. He or she
 works for me, and isn't a god or a hero just because there's an MD after his or
her name.

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