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Re: [IP] teaching doctors

Hello again.

I must raise issue with y'all (can y'all tell I'm a southerner).  You all 
 ramble on and on about "How dumb doctors are" and 'what an ignoramus" and "I
telling him this".......Let make some mind blowing figures to the surface 
about what a doctors does in a single day, when they are on call and when they 
are off call....

On call days require 24 hours of time when the doctor is responsible for 
 everything people call them about from "Junior has the sniffles and his nose is
 bothering him" to "Holy mother! I'm having severe chest pain and now I am going
to pass out!"  to "I think my water broke, but it is not water, it is BLOOD!" 
 After all those fun calls the average MD or DO(whichever you see), in a 9 
hour day sees over fifty patients.  On Off-call days, the doctor still sees an 
average of around 50-60 patients in a day.  So, how can they remember what we 
tell them?  First of all, BE FREAKIN' POLITE.  From the tone of some of the 
 posts here, y'all are rude when your doctor asks and then you respond. Second,
remember that you may see me every three months, but I see about 1000 patients 
in that time, between my office and my practice (well, for me, no practice 
 yet). And then, to top all of this off, I HAVE A FAMILY! You are not nearly as
important to me as my family is, and heaven forbid the almighty doctor's kid 
is sick, and oops....happens to end up in the hospital in oooohh....D freakin' 
KA.  Do you think I may have something else on my mind?

So, next time you think about jumping those of us who dedicate our lives 
taking care of all of you, please think a little and remember I probably don't 
remember! Think beyond yourself, and unless the doctor molests you or assaults 
you, or does grievous harm (and by this I mean Pulling you off all meds and 
telling you to go home and rot), keep your tirade to yourself.  

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