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[IP] Re: Syringes and Cipro-Amazing

 Have you been to Hyderabad I have been there several times for extended
periods on missions.
Their facilities may be FDA inspected but I wouldn't trust a dog kennel
inspected by that group!
They can inspect away and as soon as the inspectors leave they are back to
their old ways.
Check out their hospitals...you could catch more disease just walking in
then they ever cure.
I can and do purchase only brand name patented drugs.  I didn't like the way
this version of Cipro was substituted and I was also charged the price of
the original drug.
I hate to say it but Rite Aide has some non too ethical practices.  I don't
like this as I have investments in this company.
The Lipitor rip off was a big hit on most pharmacies.  As to CortiSlim I
have taken it not to lose weight but to stay slim without massive amounts of
exercise.  Lazy you know.


Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:24:38 -0800
From: "Bob Kerns" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Re:Syringes and Cipro-AMAZING!

Oh good grief!

  Their facilities are FDA inspected. And inspected by the British as well.
Remember, it was a *US*
  company that brought us the flu vaccine fiasco, and it was the British
regulators that caught it.

  I've never been there myself, but I know a lot of people from that area. A
intelligent workforce.

  And maybe you can afford to buy brand-name products. I can't, even with

  My concern was not with it being a foreign company. I was concerned it was
home-brew spinoff of
  our US unregulated "nutritional supplements" industry, that has brought us
goodies as Ephedra
  and lead-contaminated calcium supplements. And such bogus things as
"Corti-slim" -- basically
  claiming to help you lose weight by either curing Cushing's or causing
Addison's disease! (And trust
me, you do NOT want THAT!)

  I was also concerned with the possibility of counterfeiting. Rite Aide has
victim of
  counterfeits in the past (as I bet their competitors have been as well). I
Lipitor was one such

It was problems on the US side that had me worried.

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Subject: [IP] Re:Syringes and Cipro-AMAZING!

  Isn't this just amazing? I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the
maker...I never
  buy generic and this got through this time. I too rushed home and looked
company up. Low and
  behold there it was listed as bright as day. This is really hard for me to
understand; we can't buy
  drugs from Canada where they have some of the most strict production laws
around but we buy from
  Hyderabad! I have been there several times and I would NEVER take a drug
produced in that area.
  You can't find decent water there anyplace. There is hardly a place to sit
is not covered in
  dung. I just can't believe what is happening to the drug system. Thanks
reaffirming what I saw.
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