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RE: [IP] Re: Syringes & pets and insulin

My sister's cat is taking Lente 2x a day for his diabetes (I think he 
takes 6u in the am and 3u in the pm). But the vet expects that there 
will be some pancreatic recovery at some point (apparently cats can do 
this - too bad humans can't). Rufus knows when it's time to get his shot 
and he'll jump up on the counter at the appropriate times and patiently 
wait for it, then go on about his business once it's done. Weirdest 
thing I ever saw! :)

Margo said:
Stacey, my vet and I were just talking about the use of Lantus with 
feline diabetes and the feedback is quite positive. Since the usual diet 
for cats is so high in protein the Lantus is working very well. My vet 
says they get less than 15 minutes of classroom time on the subject of 
diabetes and that about says it all.

Take care, Kerri in western WA
proud mom of 8 (w/Shannon-14, dxd type 1 email @ redacted, pumping[currently 
"We are not called to the easy life. You either carry your cross, or 
you're crushed under the weight of it." ~ James Caviezel
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